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2020 Systex AI+ Generator Program

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Congratulations! CannerData has been selected in the AI+ Generator Program by Systex Corporation as high potential start-ups in 2020.

CannerData have been recognized our high potential by assessing our product features, market development plan by Systex, the leading Taiwan-based IT service provider, to become outstanding within so many startups in Taiwan. By collaborating closely with Systex’s business units in several large projects, CannerData has delivered our products and services successfully to local well-known financing corporations and high-tech manufacturers. Thus, we expect more coworking in oversea market with Systex’s capacity and experience.

CannerData’s virtual data warehousing platform, Canner, is a software developed with data virtualization to be able to integrate multiple various databases and data on cloud or on premise, to expedite the report generation and to save maximum 70% data generation cost. CannerData have deployed Canner and provided professional service to the listed companies in manufacturing, financing and retail industries. In this constantly changing market, CannerData not only resolve clients’ problems while managing data but collect data and gain the result in a way more rapid and more cost-saving, so that the management level can efficiently make the business strategy and respond the market.

Alice Ling, the COO of AGP, said the impact of covid-19 to the market is very serious, however, Systex is still selected as first oversea partner by Toppan Printing Co. Ltd, a Japanese corporation, in participating “TOPPAN Open Innovation Program- co-necto 2020”. With remote collaboration via internet, TOPPAN has been assisting Taiwan AGP startups to get prepared for oversea market while continuously paying attention to Japan and Southeast market. Next, the AGP startups can step in Japan and Southeast Asia market then to the globe. CannerData know what the companies are suffering from data integration and handle the problems well with Canner. Our business is currently based in Taiwan and will be expanded to Japan in 2021 followed by the global market in prospect.

CannerData makes data simple with Data Virtualization!

News release (in Chinese)

賀!易開科技(CannerData)獲選為精誠集團「AI+新創加乘器計畫」(AGP 2020)


CannerData在產品特色及業務推廣成效等項目都獲得精誠集團的認可,得以在眾多新創團隊中脫穎而出。後續結合精誠的各單位主管及業務代表,將 CannerData 產品推廣到國內大型金控集團及高科技製造業並參與大型專案;下一步藉由精誠的海外市場開發能量一同走出台灣。

CannerData的虛擬資料倉儲平台-- Canner,是藉由資料虛擬化技術,整合多源資料庫、雲地端資料,加速綜合報表產出,並可為企業省下達7成的數據生產成本。我們目前服務的客戶為上市公司的製造業、金融業及零售業等,CannerFlow能讓企業在市場瞬息萬變的情境中,解決企業獲取數據時的痛點,而以更快更簡單更省錢的技術獲取數據,讓管理者能更快地做出決策及市場回應。

精誠集團AGP營運長凌子涵表示,雖然2020年受到疫情影響,精誠仍受邀成為日本TOPPAN Printing創新方案驗證計畫co-necto首家海外合作夥伴,透過遠端協作的方式,協助台灣AGP新創持續關注日本市場,為疫後拓展海外市場做足準備,未來也將隨著精誠拓展日本、東南亞等市場的腳步,助攻AGP新創邁向國際。 CannerData 知道企業數據整合的痛點,也有經驗可以協助處理,這也是CannerData立足台灣,放眼日本,展望全球市場的最佳能力展現。

CannerData makes data simple with Data Virtualization!

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