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BNext Interview with Canner

BNext Interview - CannerData helps enterprises with new data management software, to achieve digital transformation.

It is an imperative trend for enterprises to introduce AI in their businesses. According to the "2021 Taiwan Enterprise AI Trend Report" proposed by Hive Ventures, more than 80% of enterprises have tried to introduce AI in their business, 25% Of companies have actively applied AI and expanded their scale; the survey found that the biggest purpose of companies introducing AI is not to reduce labor costs, but to improve organizational efficiency and increase new revenue.

However, AI does not mean that it can be applied immediately after importing. "The most difficult thing in enterprise transformation is how to get the data, and how to integrate and apply the data after obtaining it." CannerData co-founder Howard pointed directly to the pain points of enterprise transformation.

CannerData focus on the pain points of data management in enterprises and optimizes processes to help them achieve digital transformation processes.



企業導入 AI 已是勢在必行、不可逆的大趨勢,根據 Hive Ventures(蜂行資本)提出的「2021台灣企業 AI趨勢報告」,目前已經有超過八成的企業在業務中嘗試導入 AI、25% 的企業已經積極應用 AI 並擴大規模;調查發現,企業導入 AI 的最大目的並不是為了降低人力成本,而是提高組織效率和增加新的收入。

然而,AI 並不是說導入就可以立即應用的,「企業轉型最困難的就是怎麼拿出數據,拿到數據後又要怎麼整合與應用。」CannerData 創辦人紀力榮(Howard)直指企業轉型痛點。

數位時代專訪 CannerData 的創辦人紀力榮與張仲威他們對於 CannerData 如何幫助大型企業做到數據轉型。

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