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Interview - Data Fabric solution for Enterprises

Interview with Digitimes

In 2011, the World Economic Forum (WEF) pointed out in its Global Risk Report that data was going to become the most valuable resource of the 21st century. According to a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), global data volume is projected to grow to 163 ZB in 2025, showing a tenfold increase from the 16.1 ZB in 2016. The massive amount of data in combination with the rise of big data and data surveying tools mean that uncovering business opportunities from enormous data has already become an essential task for businesses looking to increase their competitiveness. Consequently, this has drawn great focus to data fabrics, otherwise known as data management platforms.

In response to increasing enterprise demand for data fabrics, many software companies have begun to offer solutions targeting this market, with the most notable among them being the Taiwanese data company Canner Inc. The company was founded in 2016 with an initial focus on developing content management systems but was able to secure investment from the National Development Fund, Hive Ventures, and SparkLabs Taipei in 2018 to develop its CannerFlow data fabric solution, which was created in response to growing enterprise data surveying demand. The solution currently targets three industries – finance, manufacturing, and retail.

Canner Inc. founder Howard Chi stated that most data fabric solutions on the market require copying the existing database onto the solution’s platform. This type of approach is not only time-consuming but also costly to implement, with projects taking more than 1 year to finish and costing at least tens of millions of NTD. Adding on to this is the fact that many small to medium businesses often have a hard time getting real-time technical support from foreign solution providers and have to resort to domestic system integrators to assist them with technical issues. In contrast to these disadvantages, CannerFlow uses a proprietary virtual data fabric technology that doesn’t require laborious data cloning.

Furthermore, the solution can also compete with foreign options in terms of both price and time by offering much more competitive pricing and allowing projects to be completed within a span of days.

Quick Installation, Affordable Pricing, and Support for Multiple Deployment Modes and Data Connection Sources

Unlike other solutions from the US and Europe, CannerFlow by Canner Inc. only requires a few minutes to install and can easily adapt to various database types, file formats, and cloud/local limitations. The solution can quickly integrate data from different databases and connect isolated data lakes to integrate, convert, synergize, and extricate the truly valuable parts from a sea of data, effectively increasing business competitiveness. Considering the rapid growth of data nowadays, the software also has automated optimization and extensible computation to bypass the lack of relevant manpower in certain businesses, so that even medium-sized businesses can construct their own data platform.

Howard noted that CannerFlow is not only capable of quickly connecting various databases and data stores, but can also be linked to business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) software as well as various data applications to ease program development efforts. Additionally, database administrators can assign necessary access rights based on the jobs and needs of staff in various departments so that every staff member will always have access to data they need, thereby creating the greatest value from data.

Take manufacturing for example, CannerFlow can help businesses rapidly integrate factory information, M&A data, logistic data, and information from both upstream and downstream partners to shorten the time it takes for the product to arrive on the market. For marketing purposes, the solution can be applied to cross-screen, cross-platform, OMO, and O2O data integration. It is worth mentioning that CannerFlow offers flexible installation options to allow businesses to deploy the software in a designated environment according to their preferences and needs. CannerFlow Cloud in particular can be installed within the private cloud of a business to prevent potential data leaks and thereby meet information security and operation demands.

Mentorship from TTA Partner Accelerator Program Helps Accelerate Product Development Cycle

Since Canner Inc. entered the data fabric market in 2018, the technical prowess of the company has been repeatedly tested and reaffirmed. The CannerFlow virtual data fabric solution has also gained presence in various industries and increasing renown in Taiwan. This is not only the result of hard work from the team behind the software, but also has a lot to do with capital and technical assistance from the National Development Fund, Hive Ventures, and SparkLabs Taipei.

Howard indicated that one of the key reasons that Canner Inc. products were able to hit the market so quickly is because of assistance from SparkLabs Taipei, an international accelerator program introduced to Taiwan by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA). The program offers mentorship and advice to help him and his team reduce learning time and overcome challenges. Howard believes that Taiwan is in an excellent position to develop its information technology industry. Canner Inc. will continue to invest in this industry to provide the best virtual data center solution for global businesses.

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