Make your multi-cloud & hybrid cloud data infrastructure scalable and managable.
Keep simple while you grow
Assembling data solutions takes time and mostly very complex to manage later on.
Flatten the learning curve
Often developers need to spend days or even months to get through all the difficulties and steep learning curve.
Lower overheads and maintainence
Building your own data solutions also means you will have overheads and ongoing maintainence issues while you grows.
Simplify your cloud workflows and infrastructures
Cloud vendors provide wide toolsets for you to design data infrastructure yourself, need talents to maintain and optimization is hard. CannerFlow helps you optimize all the details.
CannerFlow makes data infrastructure simple with Data Fabric
Fastest path to data insights
Empower companies to get insights from their data silos without building complex data pipelines.
Single view of all sources
Connect all your data silos into a single source of truth, and with only a few clicks.
Optimize computing and scaling
CannerFlow replace your ETL servers and data warehouses with an abstraction layer on top of your sources, and scales by itself whenever you needed.
Turnkey solution, no vendor lock-in
With CannerFlow's user friendly UIs, any role in your team can work together with data easily without vendor lock-in.
Support Data Sources
Support Tools
Introducing CannerFlow, simplify your data infrasturcture
The simplest Data Fabric solution for enterprises, low turnkey, powerful and secure.
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