Infuse Hybrid cloud & Multi-cloud in seconds
Connecting data lakes, databases, files, clouds as one data platform.
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Product Key Features
Enterprise Data as One
Canner's data fabric technology breakthrough. Unify data in your team from connecting cross data sources and transform in seconds, without building ETL pipelines.
Self-service Big Data Software
Secure Your Data
Team Collaboration
About Architecture
Enterprise Data Virtualization Technology
Connecting databases, files, and clouds as one platform through data fabric.
Ad-hoc queries and requirements
In companies, most of the time we will require to have many ad-hoc queries and requirements of the users request, CannerFlow can quickly retrieve the result you need.
Data analysts self-service
Now for data analysts they mostly need data engineering team's support to get collect their data, with CannerFlow they can self serve.
Eliminate the need of data engineer
With CannerFlow data engineers can accomplish more important tasks for businesses, not infrastructures.
Optimize BI & AI workflow
CannerFlow can help offload BI and AI computation, to help end users to retrieve data fast and share easily.
Enterprise Cross-cloud Data Platform
The simplest cross-cloud data management for enterprises, low turnkey, powerful and secure.
Architecture Details
Data Aggregation
Cloud computing is convenient and fast, CannerFlow self-optimize your computing to scale your data infrastructure that fits your current need, to eliminate your computing waste.
Realtime data ingestion
Massive realtime parallel ingest and transform any data sources from anywhere in realtime, transform your data when you pull out your data.
Simplify complex data structures
Within clicks you can setup connections to any data source and inspect data structures in one platform.
Data Storage and Transformation
Eliminate data pipeline
Elimiate the use of data pipelines, make your data processing simple and fast.
Accelerate data transformation
Built-in data transformation toolset, to help you clean and wrangling your data
Optimize data lake and snapshots
CannerFlow helps you manage your data storage in a reliable and optimal way.
Business Intelligence and Collaboration
Cloud native & On-premise
We built on top of the most advanced cloud platform's features, and deploy in your own cloud service, we also provide on-premise solution as well.
Connect & optimize BI services
CannerFlow support major Business Intelligence services such as PowerBI, Tableau, etc.
Job scheduling
Schedule your data processing with our job scheduling feature, to help data team automate reports and backups.
Connecting all your data as ONE source
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