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2020 Systex AI+ Generator Program

Congratulations! Canner has been selected in the AI+ Generator Program by Systex Corporation as a high-potential start-up in 2020.

Canner has recognized our high potential by assessing our product features, and market development plan by Systex, the leading Taiwan-based IT service provider, to become outstanding among so many startups in Taiwan. By collaborating closely with Systex’s business units on several large projects, Canner has delivered our products and services successfully to local well-known financing corporations and high-tech manufacturers. Thus, we expect more coworking in the oversea market with Systex’s capacity and experience.

Canner’s data access solution is a software developed with data virtualization to be able to integrate multiple various databases and data on cloud or on-premise, to expedite the report generation and to save a maximum 70% data generation cost. Canner has deployed Canner and provided professional service to the listed companies in the manufacturing, financing, and retail industries. In this constantly changing market, Canner not only resolves clients’ problems while managing data but collect data and gain result in a way more rapid and more cost-saving, so that the management level can efficiently make the business strategy and respond to the market.

Alice Ling, the COO of AGP, said the impact of covid-19 on the market is very serious, however, Systex is still selected as the first oversea partner by Toppan Printing Co. Ltd, a Japanese corporation, in participating “TOPPAN Open Innovation Program- co-necto 2020”. With remote collaboration via the internet, TOPPAN has been assisting Taiwan AGP startups to get prepared for the oversea market while continuously paying attention to Japan and the Southeast market. Next, the AGP startups can step into Japan and Southeast Asia markets and then to the globe. Canner knows what the companies are suffering from data integration and handles the problems well with Canner. Our business is currently based in Taiwan and will be expanded to Japan in 2021 followed by the global market in prospect.

Canner makes data simple with Data Virtualization!

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