Canner Enterprise Data Virtualization fully compatible with PosgreSQL wire protocol interface

Canner, a data access platform, has announced that its data virtualization offering now fully supports over 20 different data sources. The platform's new features allow users to easily integrate data from a wide range of sources, including data warehouses, databases, and data lakes, among others.

The data consumption interface is fully compatible with the PostgreSQL wire protocol, which means that it can support any data applications that support PostgreSQL connectors. This makes it possible for businesses to easily access and use data from a variety of sources, regardless of the specific tools or applications they are using.

"We're thrilled to announce these new features for Canner Enterprise," said Howard Chi, CEO of Canner Enterprise. "Our goal has always been to make it as easy as possible for businesses to access and use their data, and these new features are a big step towards achieving that goal. We're confident that our customers will find these new capabilities to be incredibly valuable."

Canner Enterprise's data virtualization offering is designed to help businesses streamline their data management processes, reducing the time and resources required to integrate and use data from multiple sources. With these new features, businesses can more easily access and use data from a wide range of sources, making it easier to gain insights and make informed decisions.

For more information about Canner Enterprise's data virtualization offering, visit the company's website or contact a member of the Canner Enterprise team today at

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