Data Connectors
Query optimization with smart query rewrite
Data Connectors
What is the benefit of Data Virtualization?
Connect heterogeneous data sources as a single source of data access.

ELT with data virtualization technology enables faster and more secure data access.

ETL/ELT with data virtualization technology allows you to connect and aggregate dispersed and distributed data sources, while leveraging MPP principles for scale-out.

Support for enterprise-grade connectors

Aggregate data across multiple data models with a data virtualization layer over data lakes, data warehouses, and siloed SQL data sources.
Support for enterprise-grade connectors

MPP architecture for faster data access from silos

Canner leverages MPP architecture to scale out, offloading extensive data computation from sources to a distributed computation layer for query optimization.
MPP architecture for <0>faster data access from silos</0>

Virtual and logical data connectivity. One step data transformation to Data API

A Data API that is interoperable, cacheable and pre-aggregatable with smart query routing facilitates the discovery of metrics and allows the most efficient access.
Virtual and logical data connectivity. <0>One step data transformation to Data API</0>

Data Virtualization bridges multiple sources in silos to provide a single source view.

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