Data Products
Transform data models to business-oriented datasets
Data Products
What is a data product?
Domain-oriented datasets owned by data owners can be shared and governed by open APIs, with the flexibility of interchangeable metadata and access rules.

Attach business semantics. Let data speak your business language.

Create domain-driven datasets to provide business semantic meanings, boosting accessibility for data consumers.
Attach business semantics. <0>Let data speak your business language.</0>

Built-in data discovery. Enhance discoverability and data trust.

A built-in data search engine for organizations, groups and data owners that can be customized, whether a dataset is locally or publicly searchable for certain authorized groups and users.
Built-in data discovery. <0>Enhance discoverability and data trust.</0>

Data connection health check. Boost data observability and reliability.

Canner continuously inspects and monitors connected data sources, to maintain data observability and reliability from upstream sources to downstream applications.
Data connection health check. <0>Boost data observability and reliability.</0>

Productize data models for better accessibility.

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