Data Access Workflow Simplified.
Find, model, authorize, and access your data secure and fast.
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Universal Data Access Platform
Canner empowers businesses to efficiently convert data into business value by connecting data silos and transforming business-facing datasets into application-ready dataset APIs with a universal data access interface.
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Data Access for Data Mesh
Data Ownership & Access
Connect with existing identity management system, with multi-layer data authorization to support complex data access issues in across organizations.
Data as a Product
Defines custom name, description, tags, and attributes for databases, tables, and columns, build and catalog data products for data usability, discoverability, literacy.
Self-service Infrastructure
With Canner's unique 'Virtual Data Mart' technology, users can work with datasets without moving or duplicating data between data sources.
Federated Computation
Canner support managing cross-cluster data management, and offloading sources, applications data computation with MPP architecture.
Eliminate Data Mess
Connect Data Silos
United Data Catalog
Optimized for Data Applications
Single Point of Data Access
Canner Data Access for Data Mesh
Manufacturing & IoTs
Looking for solutions to manage data from massive data from your ERP, MES, shop floor data?
With Canner
Centrolize and connecting data silos from devices and operational databases in a few clicks.
Banks & Insurance
Working on complex risk management system and data governance?
With Canner
Secure data from multiple users and departments, get your operational data faster with data mesh solution.
Gaming & Media
Monitoring and tracking massive data volume of user behaviors, looking for better solution?
With Canner
Getting insights from large volume of data made simple and 7 times faster to insights
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