Canner Data Access for Data Mesh
Empower organizations to self-service datasets, achieve data democratization and accelerate innovation.
Connect. Access. Scale.
Faster Data Insights
Seamlessly integrate next-generation business intelligence applications and with analytic tools to faster insights.
Single Source of Truth
Universal Data Access
Deploy Anywhere, Scalable
Data-driven Value at Scale
With Canner's data mesh solution, enterprises can virtually enhance their connectivity to data silos, and guarantee data security and privacy when collaborating datasets between business units within a company.
Universal Data Access
Integrate with existing IAMs
Seamlessly integrate with identity managers, such as Active Directory, LDAP, SSO.
Multi-layer data access control
Granular data access control (data owner, steward, analyst, consumer) for databases, tables, and columns.
Data policies and rules
Create data masking, custom data functions to enforce data policies and rules.
Data as a Product
Data Discovery
Google search like search engine for organization, data owners can set whether the datasets are publicly searchable.
Data Metadata
Make data understandable and follow the same naming conventions with adding additional data metadata.
Semantic Layer
Map complex data into familiar business terms, and offer a consolidated view of data across the organization.
Self-service Infrastructure
Virtual Data Mart
Work with datasets without moving or duplicating data between data sources, simplifying the process of building next-generation data applications.
Embracing open data standards
Support open-source standards, that data engineers, analysts could integrate their existing technical stacks to Canner.
Multiple data delivery methods
Serve data to your internal colleagues, and cross department with various data delivery methods.
Federated Computation
Governance across clusters
Start clusters for different departments, in a cohesive governance, secure data mesh platform.
Offloading computation in heterogeneous sources
Providing needed data sources to users, without hurting the performance of original source systems.
Offloading computation in data applications
Pull from pre-aggregated rollups, or compute new metrics on the fly from granular dimension tables, and before sending to data applications.
Reimagine data team with Canner.
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