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The modern data access layer helps enterprises achieve equilibrium between distributed and centralized data access control and query optimization at scale.
Data access complexity between diverse data sources and applications grow exponentially, due to
duplicated workflows, configurations, authorizations, and insecure data connections between sources and services.
Data Virtualization
Data Productization
Data Authorization
Data Consumption
1Data Virtualization
Extensive and optimized connectors for MPP enabled query engines and data warehouses across a wide range of data sources.
Heterogeneous sources
Canner Enterprise can aggregate data across multiple data models with a data virtualization layer over data lakes, data warehouses, and siloed SQL data sources.
Metadata Manager
Through Metadata Manager, Canner will scan and map data schema, and types, with data literacy in one place, to make sure data’s definition is consistent across tools, and storages.
Schema Change History
Keep track of data changes in upstream sources to prevent unpredictable downtime in downstream services and applications.
2Data Productization
Datasets owned by data owners can be shared and governed by analytics APIs, and configure business-oriented definitions for data consumers to search and access using their business languages.
Data Catalog
Add descriptions, and labels on the customizable database, table, and column names. Constructing data directories for availability and searchability
Data Discovery
A built-in data search engine for organizations, groups and data owners that can be customized, whether a dataset is locally or publicly searchable for certain authorized groups and users.
Virtual Workspaces
Canner Workspaces are virtualized data workspaces that combine and compose analytic data metrics with operational-oriented datasets created by the data domain owner.
Data Caches
Configure data caches machinations based on different business scenarios, query data by ad-hoc, batch, or incremental updates.
3Data Authorization
Sophisticated access control and authorization for domain specific datasets and their associated servies and applications.
Data Access Control
Govern collaborative datasets for authorized users as well as revocation of rights as they are propagated.
Data Masking
Based on different data consumers' profiles, domain owners can set up global and local data masking for data privacy compliance.
API Access Token
Canner provides personal access tokens that can be used in place of the original password authentication method to provide enterprises with a more secure way to access data using external APIs.
Activity Logs and Data Usages
User's data behaviors will comprehensively log in the system, such as activities, user login, operations, and queries, to ensure data follows the company's policies.
4Data Consumption
Data Consumption that is interoperable, cacheable and pre-aggregatable with dedictated and optimized endpoints with the most efficiency.
Data Output Formats
Support abundant RESTful API, Scala, Python, JDBC/ODBC, CSV, excel that most data consumers needs.
Postgres Protocol
Canner standardizes queries based on Postgre's protocol, and thus, supports popular BI tools and can natively work with any ETL, IDE, drivers, and tools that support the PostgreSQL connector for data services to provide fast and secure queries.
Dedicated BI Connectors
Canner support dedicated connectors to popular BI tools: Tableau, and Power BI, in simple steps, and built-in data automation to make sure data is up-to-date.

Solution Architecture

Improve Data Efficiency and Reduce Cost

Eliminate data copying
Reduce duplicate datasets
Data Engineering Performance triangle
Create data products
Achieve self-service analytics
Data Analytics Productivity triangle
Up-to-date reports
Agile and Accurate
C-Level Decision-making triangle

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I install Canner's solution?
Canner's data access solution can be quickly installed in any cloud - public, private, or hybrid, and can easily scale in a k8s environment.
What is the pricing model for Canner?
Canner offers an annual subscription for on-premise users and cloud users.
Can I get a free trial of Canner?
If you want to try Canner, please contact our sales at, or submit our contact form to contact us.
What is the Canner SQL syntax?
Canner uses standard ANSI SQL for all the SQL queries, so you don't need to learn another SQL language.
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