Make data simple with Data Virtualization
The simplest way to connect data silos, and transform into business impact, without MOVING your data.
Why CannerFlow?
What is D16N (Data Virtualizaion)?
The innovative way to make your data integration simple and fast. In the past, data pipeline solutions move data around which many times cause data messy and unmanagable, with Data Virtualization technology you can aggregate, transfrom and compute data without moving your original sources.
D16N (Data Virtualization) Technology

Fastest path to insights

Empower companies to get insights from their data silos without building complex data pipelines.

Single view of all sources

Connect all your data silos into a single source of truth, and with only a few clicks.

Reduce cost when scaling

CannerFlow replace your ETL servers and data warehouses with an abstraction layer on top of your sources, and scales by itself whenever you needed.

Low turnkey, easy to use

With CannerFlow's user friendly UIs, any role in your team can work together with data easily.
What’s Included
Connecting Data Silos

Canner's D16N technology breakthrough. Unify data in your team from connecting cross data sources and transform in seconds, without building ETL pipelines.

Massive Processing
Data Access Control
Team Collaboration
Product Details
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Connect to sources
Connect to BI
Data analysis tools
User Stories
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According to Gartner Market Guide for Data Virtualization 2018,
Through 2022, 60% of all organizations will implement data virtualization as one key delivery style in their data integration architecture.
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