Virtual Data Hub for Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud
The most efficient way from data silos to business value, building your data architecture with CannerData, and optimize your big data workflow.
Data Virtualization
Data Virtualization - CannerFlow
Bridging the silos of cloud data sources, on-premises data sources, databases and files as one single data platform, reduce business overhead costs and refine your big data workflow.
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Improve Performance and Competitiveness
Connect silos and departments
Linking your cross-organization, cross data storages and cross formats within clicks, without writing any code.
Normalization and Standardization
Centralize data logic in a single virtual repository, without scattered in databases, ETL, data warehouses, or data marts.
Data management at scale
For enterprises the biggest challenges for data management is when it is at scale, metadata management, data mart, data catalog become extremely complex.
Affordable and fit your stage
CannerFlow is simple and affordable for Large, complex enterprise and small, medium businesses, you only paid more when you scale.
Data Management
Hybrid Cloud
Multi Cloud
Data Lake
Data Analysis Optimization
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Manufacturing & IoTs
Looking for solutions to manage data from massive data from your ERP, MES, shop floor data?
With CannerFlow
Centrolize and connecting data silos from devices and operational databases in a few clicks.
Banks & Insurance
Working on complex risk management system and data governance?
With CannerFlow
Secure data from multiple users and departments, get your operational data faster with data virtualization and standarization.
Gaming & Media
Monitoring and tracking massive data volume of user behaviors, looking for better solution?
With CannerFlow
Getting insights from large volume of data made simple and 7 times faster to insights
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According to Gartner Market Guide for Data Virtualization 2018,
Through 2022, 60% of all organizations will implement data virtualization as one key delivery style in their data integration architecture.
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