The Data Virtualization innovation
Connecting databases, files, and clouds as one platform.
CannerFlow is capable of computing massive data volume and scalable on the cloud.
Connect data, and business silos in seconds not months, and more importantly without moving your data.
Work with data stakeholders effortless share, edit, and communicate in a breeze.
Integrate smoothly with your current workflow, work perfectly with your cloud providers and BI solutions.
Data Aggregation
We take care of all provisioning on the cloud, scales your machines like magic!
Realtime data ingestion
Massive realtime parallel ingest and aggregate any data sources from anywhere.
Inspect complex data structures
Within clicks you can setup connections to any data source and inspect data structures in one platform.
Data Profiling
Data analysis
Analyze your datasets immediately, setup your data source settings.
Data quality
Measure your data quality, make sure it is in good shape, by scanning invalid records and filter out bad data.
Data distribution
In-depth analysis of your data distribution, and statistic metrics.
Data Cleansing and Wrangling
Data pipeline
Elimiate the use of data pipelines, make your data processing simple and fast.
Data transformation
Built-in data transformation toolset, to help you clean and wrangling your data
Data lake and snapshots
CannerFlow helps you manage your data storage in a reliable and optimal way.
Business Intelligence and Collaboration
Cloud native
We built on top of the most advanced cloud platform's features, and deploy in your own cloud service.
Connect to BI services
CannerFlow support major Business Intelligence services such as PowerBI, Metabase, Tableau
Job scheduling
Schedule your data processing with our job scheduling feature, to help data team automate reports and backups.
Manufacturing & IoTs
Looking for solutions to manage data from massive data from your platforms and devices?
With CannerFlow
Audit and analyze your data in ease by using CannerFlow
Advertising & Media
Working on complex channel management from multiple social platforms and data sources?
With CannerFlow
Get all data from different channels in on place, simple and easy.
Monitoring and tracking massive data volume of user behaviors, looking for better solution?
With CannerFlow
Getting insights from large volume of data made simple and 7 times faster to insights
CannerFlow Platform
The simplest cloud native data platfrom, take down 6 months data preparation period to just minutes.
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Consulting Services
We help you success in digital transformation, we work with you to solve your cloud issues.
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