VulcanSQL: Open-source Analytics API Generator

We are excited to announce the release of VulcanSQL, an open-source Analytics API generator that enables data engineers to build scalable analytics APIs using only SQL without writing any backend code.

Analytics APIs are the primary interface for data consumers to utilize data in their daily business applications, such as BI, reports, dashboards, spreadsheets, and web applications. However, data stored in data warehouses are not accessible for those users and tools without an API consumption layer. VulcanSQL aims to solve that problem by translating SQL into flexible APIs. It is contextual in that it can translate APIs into the corresponding SQL based on different user personas and business contexts.

Vulcansql diagram

With VulcanSQL, data engineers can quickly and easily create APIs without having to write any backend code. This makes it possible to accelerate development time and reduce the complexity of building data APIs. The generated APIs are highly scalable and performant, making it possible to serve thousands of requests per second without any degradation in performance.

VulcanSQL is designed to be highly customizable and extendable. It comes with built-in support for complex SQL queries and custom business logic, making it possible to create highly tailored APIs that meet specific business requirements. This flexibility makes it possible to create highly sophisticated data API layers that integrate seamlessly with existing business applications and data warehouses.

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