Canner's Company Values

Company values are the core of an organization, and these values should be shared and practiced by every member. Canner's company values consist of five core values: strategic thinking, collaboration, commitment, passion, and innovation.

1. Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is the ability to think independently and strategically, to analyze the root cause of a problem and develop solutions. Team members should make decisions based on long-term goals, rather than pursuing short-term benefits.

2. Collaboration

Collaboration involves respecting others' opinions and seeking consensus during discussions. Team members should also help each other complete their work, even under high-pressure situations, while maintaining a calm and clear mindset.

3. Commitment

Commitment means that every team member should take responsibility for the company's performance. They should use smart methods to solve problems, and when mistakes happen, team members should take responsibility together and make quick corrections.

4. Passion

Passion means that every team member should have a passionate and dedicated attitude towards their work. Team members should identify with the company's vision and move towards goals with enthusiasm and the team.

5. Innovation

Innovation means challenging traditional methods and exploring innovative solutions by rethinking the fundamental problems. Team members should be bold in making assumptions and accepting failures in order to create better solutions.

Through these five core values, we believe that every member of Canner can achieve the impossible together.

"I'm a Canner, I'm possible."

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